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Ossia Music

Mesh Strap - Gold

Mesh Strap - Gold

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Gilded Melody
The Gold Mesh Strap offers a refined and luxurious touch to your Ossia Watch. Composed of tightly woven stainless steel in a radiant gold hue, this strap embodies durability and a long-lasting sheen that resists daily wear and tear. The polished aesthetic of the Gold Mesh Strap makes it a fashionable choice that beautifully complements both casual and formal attires.

A Symphony of Style
Available for both the 36mm and 40mm Ossia Watch editions, the Gold Mesh Strap offers personalized comfort and style. The easy click-on system lets you switch straps effortlessly, inviting you to experiment with your style as freely as you would with musical compositions. Adjust the strap to fit your wrist perfectly, ensuring that your watch is as unique as your music.

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