Ossia Watch: Your Personal Music Coach

Making the Art of Music Accessible
Whether you're a novice or an experienced musician, Ossia Watch offers a distinctive learning experience that will elevate your musicianship skills.

Creativity and Practice
Music is all about creativity and practice. With Ossia Watch, you can unleash your inner musician and create music like never before. Ossia Watch is the perfect tool to help you cultivate your creativity and practice effectively.

Improvise with Confidence
Improvisation is a key skill for any musician, but it can be daunting to improvise with confidence. Ossia Watch helps you by providing a visual representation of the circle of fifths with a glimpse on your wrist.

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A Unique Design

Ossia Watch is not just functional, but also stylish. Our Belgian design team has worked hard to create a watch that you'll be proud to wear on any occasion. One of the unique features of Ossia Watch is the open hands design, which allows you to always read the circle of fifths no matter the time. This means that you'll never miss a note, whether you're practicing, performing, or just enjoying your favorite tunes.

Ossia Watch isn't just about function - we also care about form. That's why we've created a unique way of showing the Circle of Fifths that is both elegant and easy to read. We understand that the traditional Circle of Fifths can be overwhelming and complex, so we've simplified it into a beautiful design that is intuitive and accessible.

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Pick Your Style

Your timepiece should not only be functional but also an expression of your personal style. That's why we offer a range of options to ensure Ossia Watch perfectly matches your taste. This Musical Watch is available in two sizes, 36mm and 40mm, to ensure a comfortable fit for any wrist size.

Here's where you can truly make Ossia Watch your own:

Editions: Embark on your musical journey with one of our distinct editions: Ossia Watch - Symphony Azure, Ossia Watch - Sonata Sea, or Ossia Watch - Nocturne Noir. Choose the edition that harmonizes with your style and musical aspirations.

Interchangeable Straps: Personalize Ossia Watch with our selection of straps. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of genuine leather or the modern simplicity of mesh, we've got you covered. Available in an array of colors, our straps can be easily swapped to suit your mood, your outfit, or the occasion.

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Built to Last

The watch case is made out of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring it can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Unlike other watches made out of alloy, our stainless steel case is both strong and corrosion-resistant, making it the perfect choice for musicians who want a watch that will last.

One of the most crucial features of the Ossia Watch is the glass. We use only the finest Sapphire Glass, which is known for its durability and scratch-resistant properties. This means that no matter how much you use the watch or how often you wear it, the glass will remain clear and scratch-free.

The straps are also designed for both comfort and durability. We use only genuine leather straps that are soft and supple to the touch, ensuring that the watch feels comfortable on your wrist.

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Why Choose Ossia Watch?

Accessible Music Theory: Always have music theory at your fingertips. With the circle of fifths on your wrist, Ossia Watch is more than just an accessory; it's your personal music coach.

Intuitive Design: We've simplified the circle of fifths into a design that's beautiful and easy to understand, aiding your grasp and application of music theory concepts.

Style Meets Functionality: Not just a practical tool, Ossia Watch is also a statement piece with its sleek design and interchangeable straps.

Constant Inspiration: Be inspired at every glance. The Ossia Watch serves as a constant reminder of the endless creative possibilities music theory offers.

Learn On-the-Go: Ossia Watch is your portable tutor, providing quick music theory references whether you're at home, on stage, or on the move.

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