My Musical Journey: The Birth of Ossia Method

From the age of seven when I picked up my first drumstick, to teaching myself to strum the guitar and finally discovering the joys of piano, my musical journey has been one of passion and self-guided learning.

However, my aspirations didn't involve becoming the next Jimi Hendrix or Mozart. Instead, I wanted the freedom to cover any song and create my own with unique chord progressions, melodies, and lyrics that were truly mine.

Unleash My Creativity

Transforming Frustration into Innovation

Just like many self-taught musicians, I found myself wrestling with the complex aspects of music theory. I wanted to express my emotions through music but struggled to understand how chords combined or how to construct a piece of music that truly reflected my feelings.

That was until I discovered the circle of fifths, a concept that forever changed my understanding of music.

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The Lightbulb Moment

This concept was more than just a visual aid, it was a roadmap, offering a whole new way to understand music theory, and how different elements of music fit together. It allowed me to look at music not just as chord progressions, but in terms of keys and intervals, leading to a deeper understanding of music composition.

But the challenge was how to keep this invaluable tool handy? The solution - Ossia Watch. A unique analog watch for musicians that puts the circle of fifths right on your wrist, accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

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Introducing the Ossia Method

Having unlocked the power of the circle of fifths, I felt compelled to share this newfound knowledge. That's when the idea of Ossia Method was born - an innovative approach combining the Ossia Blueprint and Ossia Watch to simplify music education.

No matter if you are a beginner exploring the world of music or a seasoned musician wanting to delve deeper, Ossia Method provides a strong foundation in music theory, empowering you to create music that truly reflects your emotions and personality.

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Why Choose Ossia?

Ossia Watch and Ossia Blueprint together make up the Ossia Method. With the circle of fifths always at your disposal through the Ossia Watch, and a streamlined learning process offered by Ossia Blueprint, you will find your journey into the world of music to be less intimidating and more exciting.

With Ossia, the learning process is no longer confined to classrooms or hefty lesson fees. It's accessible, convenient, and integrated into your daily life. Discover the wonders of the Ossia Method for yourself. Join the growing community of musicians who have found a new path to musical mastery. Let Ossia be your guide and witness the extraordinary possibilities that await you in the world of music.

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  • "A Great Gadget for All Musicians!"

    So glad with my Full Black Mesh strap Ossia watch! Beautiful design, good feel around my wrist and a great help with playing my piano.

    Comes in a beautiful pouch and with a handy e-book. A great gadget for all musicians! Definitely recommend buying one!

  • "Beautiful Quality Watch"

    Love it 😍 Beautiful quality watch, I love the colors petrol & gold! It fits me perfectly 🤗 The Blueprint is super interesting!

  • "No One has Ever Taught Me"

    I started back with music theory thanks to the Blueprint. I don't see myself writing music yet, but it's really worthwhile for me to read it and see how it all works. I have already seen a few things that no one has ever taught me, so I am happy to know.