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Ossia Watch - Sonata Sea with Brown Leather Strap

Ossia Watch - Sonata Sea with Brown Leather Strap

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Delve into your musical journey with the Sonata Sea edition of Ossia Watch, tastefully paired with a Brown Leather Strap. This combination with the Ossia Blueprint navigates your musical voyage. The sea dial of the watch, inspired by the rhythm of the waves, is beautifully contrasted with the earthy brown strap, adding a grounded elegance to your style.

Key Features:
  • Sonata Sea Dial, inspired by the rhythm of the sea
  • Companion Ossia Blueprint, your essential guide to music theory
  • Brown Leather Strap, grounding your musical exploration with an earthy elegance
  • Designed in Belgium, embodying European sophistication
  • Two dial sizes: 36mm or 40mm, tailored for your comfort
  • Durable stainless steel construction ensures resilience
  • Scratch-resistant Sapphire Glass for unobstructed time-keeping
  • 3 ATM water resistance, suitable for your daily exploits
  • Unisex design, appealing to all music enthusiasts

The Sonata Sea with its Brown Leather strap and Ossia Blueprint, leads you to explore music that echoes the earth's rich tones and the sea's rhythmic waves.

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