If you're a - starting - musician, you probably have big dreams for your musical future. Maybe you've always wanted to play an instrument like your favorite artist, write your own songs, or even perform on stage. Whatever your ambition may be, you know that it will take hard work and dedication to achieve your goals.

No, You're Not Alone

Maybe you've tried to learn music theory from a textbook or online course, but found yourself struggling to understand the concepts. Or maybe you've tried to memorize scales and chords, but found that they didn't stick in your memory.

But the problem isn't with you - it's with the traditional methods of learning music theory. These methods are often dry, technical, and not tailored to your individual needs as a - starting - musician.

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Express Your Artistic Voice with Ossia Method

Our unique combination of Ossia Watch and Ossia Blueprint is designed specifically for musicians like you, so you can learn music theory in a way that makes sense for you.

With Ossia Method, you'll never feel overwhelmed or confused. Our approach is easy-to-understand and approachable, so you can learn at your own pace and feel confident in your progress.

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"Learn by Doing"

With the combination of Ossia Watch and Ossia Blueprint, you can master Ossia Watch and take your music theory knowledge to the next level. Ossia watch provides a quick and easy way to understand chord progressions and key signatures, making it a valuable tool for any musician.

By using Ossia Blueprint to learn music theory, you'll be able to apply your new knowledge to Ossia Watch and see immediate results in your playing. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, this combination is the ultimate way to learn and apply music theory concepts in your day-to-day life like a pro.

Why Choose Ossia Method?

Interactive Learning Experience: Ditch the dry textbooks. Our method transforms every lesson into an engaging, immersive exploration of music theory.

Comprehensive Guidance: Skip the confusing online search for learning resources. Ossia Method covers everything you need, from fundamental music theory to advanced circle of fifths application.

Affordable Learning: Bypass the expense of private lessons. Ossia Method provides a high-quality, comprehensive learning experience without breaking your budget.

Customizable Learning Pace: No pressure, no rush. With Ossia Method, you decide your learning tempo, ensuring you fully grasp each concept before progressing.

Hands-on Practice: Keep the circle of fifths at your fingertips with Ossia Watch. Combine theory with practical application to reinforce your learning and enhance your musical creativity.

Ossia Watch Editions
  • Step 1 - Grasp the Basics

    Dive into music theory with Ossia Blueprint. Our guide not only covers fundamental concepts but also goes beyond the basics, demonstrating the effective use of Ossia Watch to supercharge your musical skills.

  • Step 2: Practice Makes Perfect

    After mastering the basics, start exploring music with Ossia Watch. Visualize chord progressions, scales, and other musical elements to further understand music theory and creatively apply it in your playing.

  • Step 3 - Get Creative

    Lastly, apply your newfound knowledge in your music. Combine Ossia Blueprint and Ossia Watch to craft unique chord progressions and melodies, taking your musical journey to new heights.